The Tradition Lives On!
P e r r y
 Y o u t h  W r e s t l i n g

"The Next Generation"




Recruit Camp Schedule 2018


Don Huff  580-336-5082 res / 580-370-6022 cell - texts

Email -               

Practice Sessions will begin at 6:30 P.M. and conclude at 7:30 P.M.
in the Armory at 14th & Delaware St

- Always bring your child into the wrestling room

- Always pick your child up from inside the wrestling room


   Monday Sept 17  Program Orientation,      Registration & Fees,  Fit Uniforms


   Tuesday Sept 18    Program Rules,   History of Perry Wrestling,    
Wrestling Scoring & Rules


   Thursday Sept 20     Self Discipline of  Spirit - Mind - Body, 
Best You Can Be,    Most Prepared, Triple Tough

                                 Pinning: Body Position, Half Nelson, Reverse Half,   

                                 Don't Get Pinned:  Defensive Fall, Bridge, One Shoulder
                                    Up, Scoot


   Tuesday Sept 25 Health, Sprawl, Hip hyst, Nuetral Position: Body Position-Direction, Stance, Knee Bounce, Duck Walk


   Thursday Sept 27   Bridge Hyst,  Best Time to Pin,

                           Takedown: Head Position,  Stance push, High Single  to
                            High Double  to Pin


   Tuesday Oct 2       Bottom Position: Body Position-Direction, Joystick
                            Position, Leg Up

                          Hand Control, Outside Leg Standup Escape ( then shoot or
                            sprawl )


   Thursday Oct 4    Top Position: Body Position-Direction,  Half Nelson Run,

                              Far Arm - Near Knee,   Far Ankle - Far Knee,  Changing


   Tuesday  Oct  9     Counters: Body Position-Direction,  Offense vs Defense,
Sprawl,  Push Head Down,

                             Stay Off  Back:  Crunch,  Post    Get Off Back:  Arm Over
                                Head Thru Hole,  Forklift Bridge


   Thursday  Oct 11   Rule #1, From Back to Feet, Fast on Feet, Turn to Pin, Standups
                                with partner, Takedown to Pin


   Tuesday  Oct 16      Review:  Body Position-Direction, The Big No's, Live Start
                                / Stop Wrestling


   Thursday  Oct 18    Review:  Body Position-Direction, The Big No's, Live Start
                            / Stop Wrestling


   Saturday  Oct 20   9:00 A.M.  Warm Up,  Parent / Wrestler Tournament
                                            Orientation: entry, weighin, brackets
Tournament Simulation - Live Matches /
                                            Graduation Certificate Presentations


This will conclude the Recruit Camp Sessions.

The Competetive Season Practices will begin Tuesday October 23rd. NO Additional fees are required!

Practices will then be lengthened from from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

Tournament Participation is NOT Required but highly encouraged. If you wish, You may attend practices only.

A 2018-19 season Tournament Schedule will be available at the start of these practice sessions.

PERRY TOURNAMENT OF NOVICE CHAMPIONS will be in John Divine Hall Nov 10th for our beginners.

PERRY “In House Event” will be in the armory Nov 24th for our beginners.